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Digital Products

Design Your Happy Online

This is the complete guide to designing your happy, with God, on purpose. Includes 15 teaching videos, printable worksheets, and a 30-day devotional. 


30-Day Confidence Challenge

Get practical tools to get past your insecurity and build your confidence in 30 days! Includes 30 teaching videos and corresponding worksheets.  

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Team DYH

This online accountability group for Spiritual Creatives is designed to help you with the confusion, lack of execution, and loneliness we all feel as entrepreneurs. We're your new squad! 

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Physical Products

Design Your Happy Journal

This journal is the complete guide to designing the life you want. It's like a strategist and an accountability coach that you can throw in your bag. But cheaper. 

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Confidently His Merch

Rep your faith with Confidently His merch! My personal fave is this cropped sweatshirt - I wear it all the time - but we also have mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, and more. 



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