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 We all need community...


Friendships and community are different.

You can have your friends wherever you go, even if they're not physically there. True friends are for life.

But community is something you build wherever you are. 

It’s a place that welcomes you, protects you, and encourages you to grow. 

Where your input is welcome and needed because everyone brings something different to the table.

Where you’re loved and challenged at the same time. 

A community is something you're part of.

In great communities, the leader isn’t someone who controls everything, knows everything, or is better than anyone else. 

Not at all.

But there has to be someone with the initial vision to build something for everyone else.

The catalyst, who sends out the invite, establishes shared values, and creates the overall culture.

Someone who starts the conversations that need to be had. 

Because those are the things a community is built on. 


And so with that said...














Included in

The Study Suite: 

Exclusive Live Meet-ups

  •  Monday Morning Prayer Calls
  • Book club discussions
  • Monthly Q&A with Chantelle

Curated Bible Studies

  •  Biblical insight on relevant topics
  •  Scriptures and insights that flow together and build off of each other
  •  No ads, ever

Guided Quiet Times

  •  Deeper insight, one Bible chapter at a time
  •  Relevant to your life
  •  No ads, ever

Video Lessons

  • Replays of live broadcasts and speaking engagements, all in one place
  • Interactive feel and more insight into Chantelle's personal journey

New Content

  •  Additions to the suite every week
  •  Advice and tools sections coming soon
  • First access to future merch drops and book pre-sales

Community Discussions

  •  Add your thoughts and insights underneath each Bible study, quiet time, or video lesson
  •  Respond to other people's comments on what they learned


Proverbs Index

  •  Scripture breakdown of where to go for what in Proverbs
  • Easy to use, Google sheets format
  • Initial categories for wisdom, words, advice, correction, money, and work
  •  Other chapters and categories added as we go
Only $9.97/month!



You know those times when...


You're sick of trying to figure out everything on your own?

You’ve re-read the same Scripture over and over and still don’t get it?

You Google, “Scriptures about [insert topic]” and only 2 of them are relevant?

You want an answer from the Bible but don’t know where to look?

You want to change but don't know how? 

You want to build deeper convictions on what you believe and why you believe it?

You need the right Scriptures to move your heart?

You’ve gotten distracted and need to be pointed back to God?

You want to help a friend but don't know how or don't have time to put together a study?  

You're looking for a community that feels like home and is committed to seeking God with you? 


This is for all those times.


No fluff. No fancy language. Absolutely no religiosity. Just Scriptures, insight, perspective, and application. 

The Bible, explained like you're talking to a friend. Helping you learn new Scriptures and look at familiar ones in new ways. 

Allowing you to strengthen your faith, grow closer to God, and build deeper convictions on His Word. 

To become the person you were created to be, to make the impact you were created to make, for the One who created you. 

BTW, nice to meet you

I'm Chantelle!  Founder of Confidently His and mentor for women who want to build their confidence and identity in God through the Scriptures.

My life has been pretty full of amazing things and experiences. But like Paul, I consider all of them nothing compared to knowing Jesus. 

Ministry highlights...

  • Been spiritually mentoring women for 8 years
  • Got my bachelors degree in ministry 4 years ago
  • Have been blessed to lead the Singles Ministry, a house church, a small group, and a media ministry
  • Started Confidently His 3 years ago

Most importantly, I'm your sister in Christ, seeking every day to know God more, and sharing the insights He gives me. 

The Study Suite is the place for us to walk together consistently and intentionally.



One of the things I admire about Chantelle is her gift to see other’s talents and her ability to inspire and encourage people to use their gifts to glorify God. I’ve personally be impacted by Chantelle’s gift, which has allowed me to grow not only in my faith but my convictions to give God my first and my best with the talents that he has given me not only as a form or worship but a vehicle to bring more people to a knowledge of him, especially through creativity. Chantelle’s boldness and unapologetic authenticity through her multiple platforms truly inspires me. 


Chantelle has been the perfect spiritual mentor for me thus far. She’s taught me how to reach my potential in both my work life and spiritual life. With the Scriptures she’s helped my heart overcome the most difficult obstacles I was facing in my nine-year walk with God. With great wisdom, patience, and love, she’s been dedicated to helping me be my best for God. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her and I’m so grateful God gave me the opportunity to have her in my life. God knows what we need. He knew I needed Chantelle for such a time as this. 



I’m super grateful for Chantelle. First and foremost she’s been an example of how perseverance in loving someone softens their heart demonstrating how God first loved us. Her conviction to stand up for what’s Biblical versus what’s trendy helps inspire my faith to stand up for God, regardless of what might “popular”. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful and inspired for her transparency and perseverance in how she follows the Bible.


I don’t even know where to begin with describing how grateful I am to share my life with my dear sister & friend Chantelle Anderson. Chantelle is the first Christian woman I met in San Diego during the beginning of my journey in studying the Bible. My favorite thing about first meeting Chantelle is that she believed I could change into a true daughter of God, and during my studies she challenged me to action according to The Word. It made me uncomfortable at first to do it all, but Chantelle spurred me on with grace and Her confidence in God made me look up to her like my big sister. Many may know the deep conviction Chantelle has about her confidence in God, nobody can doubt that! But my favorite moments with her have been the times when I felt outside the will of God. It’s scary to admit you’re in a place like that but Chantelle loved me through those tough moments in my own walk with God. She pointed me back to Him, and I didn’t know it then but that was the best way I could ever be loved. That is what Chantelle knows, that people are incomplete without God. When I think of her I think of John 3:30, “He must become greater; I must become less.” I have learned so much from Chantelle but if I had to describe the most important lesson, I would say she has taught me how to become less. Less of me, more of the Word. Less of my insecurity, more of the security in His voice. Less of my flesh, more of His Spirit. Less of my wants, more of His wants. Less of me, more of Him. Chantelle, I love you, thank you for holding firmly and pressing on.

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