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The Story of the Kite

The quest for freedom is literally in a kite's design; they were created to fly.

So let's say, a kite grew a consciousness and became like a person...

First thought: Wheeeeeeeeee, I'm flying!!!

Second thought: What the heck is this string?! And why is it holding me back?!

So of course, the kite cuts the string...

And goes soaring off into the sky, flying with the ups and downs of the wind, tasting "true" freedom for the first time.

Until things take a turn for the worst...

The kite, not being anchored by the string and steady hand of it's flyer, begins a nose dive.

Just as quickly as she soared into the sky, she ends up on the ground, in a pile of broken pieces.

And at that moment the kite realizes...

That even though she felt like the string was holding her back, it was really the thing enabling her to fly in the first place.

The Kite is me, you, and our friends. The string is the Word and the flyer is God.

Confidently His is for Kites. We are the women created to fly, who will always feel restrained by the Bible and held back by God.

And sometimes we have to end up broken to realize and/or admit that no matter how amazing we were made to be...

We can only truly fly and experience freedom in the hands of the One who made us.

And the best news...

Is that no matter how broken we get, God will always put us back together...

And tie the string back in place,

So we can fly as we were created to.


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