Team Design Your Happy

An accountability community by Confidently His, for spiritual Creatives committed to living their calling. 

I'M IN!!!

Ok Chantelle, what exactly is this? 

Great question! I'm giving you all the tools to do what you were called to do so you can get rid of that, "But HOW?" feeling. 

Yes! I've totally been feeling like that! 

Awesome! You'll also join a community of amazing women who signed up for this same crazy, creator life you did, and are committed to making it work. 

No more looking at my friend's blank faces when I try to explain my life? I'm in! 

Haha, right?! Plus, spiritual support is a regular part of what we do, in a non-preachy way of course. 

Nice! God is my motivation and I want to be able to say that without offending anyone. 

You'll fit right in. And I'm going to hold you accountable to your goals!

Wait... that means I actually have to do it...


And confront my limiting beliefs that say I can't...

Uh huh! 

And stop letting my fear of actually being great stand in my way? 

YES, GIRL! Stop picking accountability partners who don't hold you accountable. 

You're right. I'm in!

"Chantelle has a way of connecting with you at any phase of life and taking the journey with you. Her smile and her joy are infectious and when working with her you can feel her genuine passion. She has been a sounding board, a critic and a friend. Every time we speak, I leave our interactions re-energized and with a plan of action."

WNBA Player, Poet, Activist

As an ambitious creative, you're probably struggling with three things:

😫 Confusion - There are many things you could be doing with your various talents and you’re not sure which one to pursue or how to use it to make money.

😫 Execution - Even when you do know what to do, doing it alone and fighting perfectionism is harder than the to-do itself. Things end up half done and buried somewhere in your computer.

😫 Loneliness - Your friends who aren’t called to create love you and are awesome people, but they just don’t get it. And the more you try to explain this life and your passion for it, the more you wonder, “Maybe I'm the crazy one...” 

Am I right? Of course I am. Because in building my speaking business on the side for 3 years and now 3 years into full-time entrepreneurship, I've struggled with all of these! 

It's part of the beautiful, crazy, creative life. We love it. But it's hard. 

So I made this for you. 

Introducing Team DYH

The Journal

Get a digital Design Your Happy Journal with your first month of membership. It's waiting for you in the private membership group so you can dive in right away. Think of this as your business-focused, vision board on paper. 


A community that's got your back with weekly goal checking, chances to share your wins, and opportunities to pitch your business. This is your new squad who gets you, your life, and is here to take the journey with you. 

Monthly Challenges

Every month there will be a team focus that is specifically designed to move your creative projects forward. There will be prizes every month for the challenge winner and the friendly competition will help push all of us farther!

Targeted Coaching

Chantelle will teach two, live coaching sessions around the challenge each month to equip you to win! Team DYH also includes Q&A sessions and freedom to ask the team and get answers and perspective from them. 

Spiritual Inspiration

We'll share spiritual food to help carry you through the week. Specific lessons on using your talents for God and designing your happy with Him, on purpose. Also, community prayer requests to keep each other lifted up. 

Confidence Coaching

A big part of doing anything is confidence! So not only are you getting the how to, but there is also monthly confidence coaching to help you believe in yourself to actually get it done. We're here to see you win!

And more!

This is the community you've been looking for!

All for only $59  $39/month!

Oh I am SO in!

Team DYH is for you if:

You want to increase your influence so more people can follow you as you follow Christ

You're starting a business, side-hustle, brand, or working to monetize your talents

You have a lot of halfway done things on your laptop that you haven't finished and/or launched yet

You're always busy but haven't made the progress you're looking for

You have awesome people around you but not many who really understand your drive

You want freedom but need structure

Talent wise, you shouldn't ever have to worry about money, but are still asking yourself how to make more money

You see help as a "four letter word," so you've tried to do this on your own, but are finally ready to admit that no one is self-made by themselves

That's you? Awesome! It's time for you to stop standing in your own way.

Ok, you got me... I'm in!

Team DYH is NOT for you if:

You're not committed to doing the work

You want to compete with other women instead of collaborate and support

You want someone to give you all the answers instead of teach you how to find them and hold you accountable for doing it

You like the idea of being an entrepreneur more than the work it takes to be one

You're still committed to doing it by yourself

That's not you anyway. You're ready to work smart and hard. Let's get it!

Your Coach: Chantelle Anderson

Chantelle first found success in basketball. She became a college All-American at Vanderbilt, and played six years in the WNBA.

She then transitioned to the medical sales industry where she grew her territory from $250K to $3.2M in 18 months.

While in sales, Chantelle started building her business on the side, writing a confidence and leadership curriculum for high achievers.

She then jumped into full-time entrepreneurship and within three years, had taught her curriculum at Google, ESPNW, Charles Schwab, and more.

Now, in addition to speaking, Chantelle pours everything she's learned into other creatives who want to create for God. 

Teach me!

"If you are looking for an enthusiastic personal cheerleader who is passionate about helping you recognize your inner power, look no further than Chantelle Anderson. As a result of working with her, I live with more wholehearted focus and have learned to genuinely love throwing myself into challenges that used to terrify me. If you struggle with confidence and are committed to put in the work, Chantelle will help you change your life!"

Oboe/English Horn Player, Round Rock Symphony

The Bigger Picture

As spiritual influencers, we're different. There's a bigger reason behind our desire to be influential.

Chantelle realized she wanted to go full time into the ministry when she started feeling like doing anything outside of helping women get closer to God was a waste of time.

At the same time, she didn't feel called to lead a church. So she started putting together a strategic plan on how to work for herself while also working for God.

For us, it's not first or even mostly about making money. It's about our purpose and our calling.

At the same time, the Gospel is free but ministry and life are not.

And so we - with God's help - get to figure out how we can do both.

That is what Team DYH is for.

We are here to help you structure your online brand so it can be both your ministry and meet your needs financially.

So that you can have the time and freedom to do what God has called you to do - which is reach people for Him.

Team DYH is 100% Risk Free

There are no commitments. You pay on a month-to-month basis and can cancel any time.

You're not locked in to anything, and even if you cancel during the 1st month you still keep the journal! 

"NEVER in a million years did I think I was going to start any kind of business. Until I had an idea to start my own event series. Quite a few of my friends from church told me, “If you DON'T want accountability, then DON'T tell Chantelle.” Of course the first thing I did was tell Chantelle! She's been a great coach, and my next few weeks are lined up with business meetings! "

Media Producer, Event Curator

"Chantelle is one of the most genuine people I have ever known. She is a cheerleader and a coach. Hard working, strong, beautiful, and kind. Working with Chantelle, she has been someone who never criticized my life, or tried to be anyone she's not. She's real and human! Thank goodness! Instead she is someone who meets you in your struggle, not to change you but to help you. In this year I've learned so much and I continue to do so all the time. She is definitely someone we all need on our team of life!"

Nanny, Future Author

Team DYH

An accountability community for spiritual Creatives, built around the Design Your Happy Journal.

Get the clarity, community, and accountability you need to build the life you want, for less than $1.50 per day!

Design your happy. With God. On purpose.

I need this!


Team DYH is exactly that: a team. So it starts whenever you join. You'll be welcomed into our family and jump into whatever challenge we're doing at the moment. And it's totally up to you when it ends. The team will be here as long as you need us but you're free to leave any time.


Team DYH is for entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and creatives who are passionate about building something great to serve others. It's also for those who would like to maintain a spiritual foundation as they're working to go after their dreams. 

This group is different because:

-  The monthly challenge model gives you structure and freedom at the same time to keep you focused and moving forward. 

- No shade but anyone can call themselves a coach these days and the coaching industry is not regulated at all. But Chantelle has receipts - real world success with numbers - to back up everything she'll be teaching you.

- Many coaching programs are only online. But Team DYH will have in person meet-ups for those who are in LA, and yearly retreats for those who like to travel!

- It is not just business focused. With Team DYH, there is a spiritual element that is very present to keep you grounded and committed to why you're doing all of this. Sidenote: You don't have to be a Christian or super spiritual yourself, but it is a topic in the group. 


For the first 50 people to join Team DYH, it's only $39 per month. 

Once you join at $39, you'll lock in that rate and never pay more as long as you're a member of the team.

After the first 50 spots are taken, the launch pricing of $39/month will end and the price will go back to the normal $59/month. 

You'll be charged once a month, on the date you sign up. 

Not at the moment. At one point she had several clients at a rate of $250/hour.

But it wasn't a sustainable business model for her - introvert probs - and she wanted to help more people, even if they couldn't afford to pay $250 an hour.

That's "the why" behind Team DYH.

It allows coaching that can be done in a manageable way, at a price point that is easily accessible to anyone who is serious about starting a business. Plus, it adds the aspect of community.

It's a win-win for everyone involved!

There will be some personal coaching opportunities for certain challenge winners, but everything else will be group coaching.

With the group coaching, teammates can send their questions in advance or ask them during regularly scheduled live broadcasts and Chantelle will answer them. 

This is totally self-paced. You can choose which challenges to participate in and which ones are not happening at the right time for you and your business.

However, they are structured in a way where everyone can get something out of every challenge, and we approach everything with a "just do your best" mindset.

Even though there will be prize winners, anything that helps us move our businesses forward is really a win for us all! 

Once you register, you'll get an email directing you to our private Facebook community. All of the live teachings, conversations and announcements will be in the group. We will also communicate through email when needed.

We'd be happy to answer any other questions you have! Send us an email at [email protected].

Excited to work together! Cheers to happy!  #TeamDYH #DesignYourHappy

"Chantelle is a wonderful coach! She raised my self-esteem by helping me recognize and appreciate all the awesome things I already had going for me. She also helped me acknowledge areas of my life that I wanted to change, and showed me ways to change it. With Chantelle’s help, I can honestly say I’m a happier person and my confidence is growing every day. "

Independent Artist/Entrepreneur

Join the 30+ Spiritual Creatives in Team DYH

This is the community you've been looking for! 

All for only $59  $39/month!

It is! Sign me up!

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