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That was a hard question for most people. But not for me.

I knew in 10th grade that I was going to play in the WNBA. There were no other options, and my future wasn't up for debate.

I was lucky.

I got to skip the stage other people went through of finding their passion, trying to get paid for it and then settling for a job they didn't love just to pay the bills.

Until I broke my knee cap, tore my achilles and tore my ACL, all in the span of three years.

At the age of 29, my dream career that I had been pursuing for the last 20 years ended.

And I was lost.

For the first time, I had no idea what to do with my life.

So I went through a process that was new to me...

I searched...and then, I settled.

I took a job that I didn't love for the paycheck. I had officially entered “real life.”

Except that my first job had "ruined" everything by showing me what it was like to follow my passion. I didn't want to do life any other way.

So I figured out what my other talents were, what I was passionate about, and I made a plan around those things.

And then, I jumped…

First into a job that would allow me to build my business on the side, and then again, using the same process, into a full time speaking career and entrepreneurship.

The thing about jumping is that it's scary for all of us.

But it's a lot less scary when you know you're jumping into something you're good at and have a clear plan on the why and the how.

Now I'm in love with my job, and really feel like I'm living in my purpose!

I also went from no speaking clients to speaking at some of the world's biggest companies and charging 5-figures per engagement in less than 2 years.

So if you feel stuck where you are, uninspired about where you're going, or working hard and not seeing the results you want, I've been there.

I totally understand.

The hardest part is figuring out which passion to chase and how to get it done.

Then you have to jump.

Now I can't jump for you. But I can help you find clarity so you have the confidence to jump.

Which is why I created the Design Your Happy Journal. 

This journal will help you: 

  • Strategically plan out your life according to your specific talents and goals
  • Give you a 5-minute daily routine to keep you on track, confident and focused
  • Introduce you to a community of women who are just as driven as you are

The Design Your Happy Journal is a plug-and-play formula for your specific goals and talents. It’s like carrying your own personal strategist and confidence coach around in your bag, but cheaper.

Throwing hope, money and hard work at your dreams does nothing without direction. You might as well run as fast as you can in a circle. And then wonder why you're tired. Lol.

But getting from where you are to where you want to go is absolutely possible, with the right strategy.

You deserve it, it's waiting for you, and the Design Your Happy Journal has already done all the thinking for you.

Cheers to confidence, clarity and success!

The Design Your Happy Journal

This ten-step plan will walk you through creating a strategic life plan based on your own unique passions and gifts, and the workbook after will keep you accountable every day for 12 weeks straight!


The Life Design Session Class

A strategic, goal setting process to start you on the way to your happy!

This ten-video, online class will walk you through each step of the workbook, helping you put together your own Life Design Plan, so you can put strategy behind your dreams!

Your Instructor:

Chantelle Anderson

Confidence & Faith Coach. Featured on the Hallmark Channel, TEDx, CBS Miami and NBC Miami.


Design Your Happy!

This is your life strategist, confidence coach and accountability partner, all in one!

Design the life you want! 


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