Chantelle Anderson

Vanderbilt Alum, former WNBA player and basketball Hall-Of-Famer turned Talent Development Expert



A wholistic approach to DEI and overall talent development

We help you pour into people in a way that validates their diverse humanity and empowers them become the best version of themselves. Chantelle's corporate workshops are not faith-based, but principles like respect, compassion, and love are at the foundation of everything she does. 



Meet Chantelle

After graduating Vanderbilt with a degree in Human and Organizational Development, Chantelle was selected as the 2nd overall pick in the WNBA draft. She spent six years in the League, speaking at many events on their behalf. 

Chantelle then joined Stryker Medical where she became an expert at crafting and delivering sales presentations on her way to growing her territory from $250K to $3.2M in her first 18 months with the company, winning several awards.

After 4 years in Corporate America, Chantelle started Anderson Consulting, a coaching and consulting firm focusing on the implementation of proven performance strategies. With her background in both sports and corporate sales at the highest level, Chantelle brings a unique perspective on success, leadership, and advancement as a woman of color.

Chantelle has taught her curriculum at companies such as Google, UnitedHealth Group, and Charles Schwab, and been featured on platforms and media outlets such as TEDx, CBS, and ESPNW.

"I cannot endorse anyone with a higher degree of confidence than Chantelle Anderson."

- Brad Saar, President, Stryker Medical

"'Chantelle Anderson.' Just the mention of the name brings a smile. She has an energy to communicate in a way that brings attention to the moments about to be shared. She has a wonderful story to tell and she tells it in a way that makes you feel like you have known her all your life. Confidence, communication, team building, and persistence are all things Chantelle Anderson has lived to tell about with a smile."

- Dan Hughes, Former WNBA Head Coach & General Manager

"We worked with Chantelle to build a unique program for high potential minorities at UnitedHealth Group. She immediately connected with our participants and helped them transform and trust their power. Her coaching and teaching style propelled several individuals into their next career position as a result of Chantelle's guidance. I would highly recommend her to any organization looking to work with the best!"

- Duane Reynolds, Former Director of Diversity and Inclusion, UnitedHealth Group

Speaking topics


An empowering and vulnerable talk about three essential steps leaders must take to build confidence in themselves and those they lead. 


An honest and practical conversation about the three things we do to sabotage connection and how to overcome them, even in a virtual environment. 


A motivational and instructional address on the three keys to building an inclusive, profitable culture, starting from the top down in any organization.


Selected Partnerships

Since beginning her career as a corporate speaker and facilitator, Chantelle has had partnered with several companies in the areas of talent development, diversity, equity, and inclusion.  



The Academy

A diversity driven, leadership development curriculum



Build your leadership pipeline

Diversity has proven to be a predictor of corporate financial success and a competitive differentiator in recruiting high quality talent. THE ACADEMY helps organizations diversify their leadership by preparing qualified candidates of all ethnicities to excel and advance according to their individual needs. We will help you attract, develop, mentor, sponsor, and retain emerging leaders to build a more engaged and profitable workforce. 

Program Core Components


  • Individual participant assessments and advancement planning

  • Monthly skill building modules covering necessary disciplines

  • Peer-to-peer networking and group challenges

  • External 1-on-1 or group career mentorship

  • Internal sponsorship pairings and sponsor directives

Program Curriculum


Your Relationship with Fear

Redefine fear, count “the cost of insecurity,” deprioritize group think, leverage your victories for future success



Perception and Presentation

Manage your self-perception, teach others   your worth, conquer stereotypes, work in authentic professionalism



Your Strengths

Identify your strengths, leverage your unique leadership style, manage your weaknesses, live consciously 


Work Ethic

Adopt work essentialism, get past perfectionism, prevent ambition from becoming burnout, add initiative and agility


Building Teams

Overcome sentimentality, build your inner circle, actively network, form powerful partnerships, communicate effectively, navigate corporate culture


Maintaining Standards

Prioritize respect above approval, establish your non-negotiables, stop self-blame, hold yourself accountable


Unpack Your Experience

Evaluate your vision, find response patterns, reconcile the past and live forward, set the pace in self-awareness, program recap, graduation 


Program Outcomes

Video Poster Image
  • TRAINING - Participants are comprehensively trained in leadership, confidence, self-awareness, and communication. They are fully equipped with the tools needed for upward career mobility.

  • PROGRESSION - Executive level sponsors use their influence as a catalyst to assist in advancing the careers of qualified program participants within the organization.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - At the program’s end, both participants and sponsors are scored on participation, commitment to their roles, and outcomes as they pertain to the participant’s career. The organization has clear data to measure the success of the program. 


Client Testimonials

"I am still reveling in the feeling of excitement from our two days together. In addition, I am sincerely thankful for all your work organizing the program for us. Inspired by our discussions yesterday, I am already noticing intentional mental pivots to incorporate grace, poise, confidence in my interactions with my team, peers, and leaders.

Interestingly, I had the opportunity to share a flight and car ride with a company leader, yesterday after our training; it was almost like a pop quiz, but I felt confident in translating the strategies and tips learned throughout our session in practice to communicate effectively, and had a great conversation with him.

Thought I would share the experience with you! Thanks again!"

- Alice, Cohort Participant, Accelerator Academy

Participants survey results following a half-day workshop for Astellas Pharmaceuticals:

Out of 180 participants and the 78 people who responded to the survey (74% attended in person/26% attended over WebEx):

·  99% Agreed or strongly agreed that this event was beneficial

·  99% Agreed or strongly agreed that the speaker was effective

·  97% Agreed or strongly agreed that the exercises/worksheets were helpful

·  93% Agreed or strongly agreed that they learned something new they will apply in the near future

 - Walter Garcia, Assistant Director, Human Resources

"I am very excited about my new role and am happy to share details, as I believe that the OAS AA program was instrumental in helping me to make the decision to take on this new position, as prior to this program I honestly considered leaving Optum/UHG."

- Academy participant, UnitedHealth Group (one of three participants to get promoted during or shortly after the program)

"Thank you again for speaking to our group [at the Android Global Summit]. Not only did I receive positive feedback in person from those there, but the experience working with you overall was an extreme pleasure. I personally felt the warmth and strength of your person and think that's what transfers to listeners most."

- Megan Johnston, Administrative Business Partner, Google

"Thank you so much, Chantelle! The feedback has all been excellent so far. One of the event organizers mentioned how this is the most engaged she's seen the crowd with an external speaker, ever! So I'd take that as high praise. I personally thought it was fantastic, also!"

- Ambalika Sudan, Event Organizer, Google

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