Is Beyonce’s “Black Is King” demonic?

Disclaimer: I'm not writing this to judge. And I know some people will disagree with me, but that’s life (Galatians 1:10). Before you come for me though, please make sure you read what I wrote and not what you think I meant.

This blog was hard for me to write.

I really wanted to defend Beyoncé, which is weird because I don’t usually stan for her like that. I’ve always respected her commitment to her craft, but am definitely not part of the Beyhive.

But in this case I wanted to defend her because artistically, Black Is King is FIRE. Genius. And I don’t use those terms lightly.

The level of artistic excellence, beauty, inspiration, and cultural diversity was absolutely stunning. Not only musically, but there were cinematic moments that literally took my breath away. 

To see this real life adaptation of The Lion King, told through music and fashion, uplifting African culture and speaking empowerment over the entire Black race was...

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