My Spiritual Reaction to the Red Table Talk

So I watched the Red Table Talk with Jada and Will. The one where Jada "brought herself to the red table" to discuss her "entanglement" with August Alsina. 


People are trying to paint this as a great resolution and a strong couple who's riding through it with each other. And if that's what you saw then ok. No judgement on my part. 

But let me tell you what I saw…

I saw a woman refusing to call her affair a transgression or say she was sorry for it, despite the fact that it obviously hurt her husband.

I saw a man who no longer feels like the man in his household, playing one who does for the camera.

I saw a woman completely obsessed with how this journey made her better with no regard for how it hurt others.

I saw a man who has emotionally distanced himself from his wife, speaking out of obligation on her behalf.  

I saw two people agreeing on a joke of "bad marriage for life" that wasn’t really a joke, and acting like they're both happy about it.

I saw two people trying to squeeze 21 years of agreed-upon trauma at the hands of each other into a 13 minute “discussion” to appease the public.

I saw two people who still know the “score” between them after 21 years, and aren’t done keeping track. 

I saw two beautiful, talented people in immense pain, pretending

Pretending to be transparent using coded language and surface laughter. 

Pretending to be done with a journey to resolution that they’re still on. 

And pretending to be healed and spiritually strong. 

I see a society that is also pretending not to see and feel the many things that Will and Jada didn’t say.

I see a society so desperate for an example of #RelationshipGoals that they readily overlook all of these things to avoid the truth of them. 

You may have seen differently. But sharing what I saw. 

Praying for Will and Jada. Praying for us all. 


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