17 Relationship Rules to Remember

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2019

I've been thinking a ton about relationships since my last post. And it's crazy because as many things that happen in this world, nothing affects us more than the relationships we choose and the way we prioritize them. 

I have some beautiful relationships in my life and there have been times this week when I was so grateful for them. 

There were also times this week when something reminded me of a memory and it made my heart hurt. 

It's definitely been an interesting one. So I figured for this email, I'd share a few things that I had to remind myself of along the way. 

Relationship Rules to Remember...

1. Surround yourself with people chasing their dreams because some days, the fear of getting left behind is stronger than the motivation to succeed. But they both lead to the same place.

2. You can't make decisions for anyone. Some things you want to happen aren't yours to decide. Control your controllables...pray about everything else. 

3. The people who refuse to stay on the surface of your personality are the relationships that will last. Find them, keep them. 

4. Remember who treats you as special when others treat you as ordinary. Those are the people who see you for who you are. 

5. Respect is more important than approval. Prioritize accordingly. 

6. The best way to get over feeling bad is to stop being inward focused and be outward focused instead. "(S)he who refreshes will be refreshed." - God

7. If someone in your life won't say the hard things to you, they're not fully invested in your success. 

8. Investing time into someone is love because time can't be earned or bought back. 

9. Trusting is strength in character. Trusting the wrong people is weakness in judgement. Discernment check. 

10. When one of your friends needs to talk, you'll be glad you listened.

11. Look at their results before you subscribe to their methods. 

12. Give your heart to every situation you touch. Sometimes it's going to suck when it doesn't turn out as you hope. But it's still better than living life in fear and regret. 

13. What they do isn't always because of something you're not. 

14. Prove the people who believe in you right and the ones who don't wrong. 

15. All those things you think of to say afterwards weren't meant to be said. Lol. 

16. How you treat people when you don't want anything determines how they treat you when you do. 

17. Your definition of love and respect will govern every relationship in your life and ultimately determine your happiness. 

Some of these I told others this week and some of them I told myself. 

Which ones resonated the most with the current relationships in your life? Hit reply to let me know! 

Have a fab week and I'll talk to you again soon. 

Cheers to you, 


P.S. Feel free to share with anyone you think this blog will help! 


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