Connecting online is great. But for those who want in-person community and mentorship, we got you!


YAY, WELCOME! We can't wait to introduce you to your next faith BFF!  


At Confidently His we want to help as many people as possible experience the love, freedom, and healing Jesus has for all of us!

So, we've connected with faith partners all over the world to provide personal and small group Bible studies to help our tribe grow with God at the center.

While these partners do not work for Confidently His, we have confirmed that they are unified in spiritual beliefs and specifically committed to helping women build their faith. 

(If you're a man, welcome! Add your info below and we can connect you to some awesome guys too!)

This journey is about teaching and learning from each other.

So any questions you have about faith, baptism, the Bible, or anything else, bring 'em on!

If you're ready for mentorship and a community that does life together, this is it!


Let's Study!

Enter your info and one of our faith partners will contact you in 48 hours!