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Helping you be who you were created to be and do what you were created to do, for the One who created you.

What does it mean to be "Confidently His"?

1. Identity ➜ the who

Your identity comes from believing and internalizing who God says you are, every single day.

2. Confidence ➜ worth

Your confidence comes from believing and internalizing what God says you’re worth, every single day.

3. Action ➜ ability

Your actions come from believing and internalizing what God says you can and what He’ll do through you, every single day.

Being Confidently His isn't about being perfect.

We're going to have good days and bad days.

It's about putting the heart of our identity, confidence, and action in the right place.

We're here to help you live a life that is Confidently His!

The Story of the Kite

The quest for freedom is literally in a kite's design; they were created to fly.

So let's say, a kite grew a consciousness and became like a person...

First thought: Wheeeeeeeeee, I'm flying!!!

Second thought: What the heck is this string?! And why is it holding me back?!

So of course, the kite cuts the string...

And goes soaring off into the sky, flying with the ups and downs of the wind, tasting "true" freedom for the first time.

Until things take a turn for the worst...

The kite, not being anchored by the string and steady hand of it's flyer, begins a nose dive.

Just as quickly as she soared into the sky, she ends up on the ground, in a pile of broken pieces.

And at that moment the kite realizes...

That even though she felt like the string was holding her back, it was really the thing enabling her to fly in the first place.

The Kite is me, you, and our friends. The string is the Word and the flyer is God.

Confidently His is for Kites. We are the women created to fly, who will always feel restrained by the Bible and held back by God.

And sometimes we have to end up broken to realize and/or admit that no matter how amazing we were made to be...

We can only truly fly and experience freedom in the hands of the One who made us.



To help every woman confidently live her purpose, and the individual calling on her life.


We provide faith and confidence instruction through our YouTube channel, private Facebook Group, and email list. We also offer courses and events for deeper learning and a more intimate community experience.

We Are...

Kites, obviously created to fly... humbly speaking of course ;) There isn’t too much we wouldn’t give in exchange for freedom.

We're not the women people see as insecure, but we stand in our way more than they would believe.

We’d love to divorce our inner critic but she keeps our standards high.

The responsibility that comes with talent is heavy, but the impact is worth the struggle.

We want it all, even though it's scary, and vulnerable, and impossible to do without risk.

Help is our "four-letter-word” because we don't want to burden anyone and "can do it better ourselves” anyway.

We hate admitting we're emotional because feelings are unproductive… but we are.

Our lives don’t allow us the luxury of falling apart and sometimes we envy those who can.

We never feel as successful as other people think, because we know we’re capable of more and are off chasing the next accomplishment.

We lead in everything but would prefer being part of a power couple so we don’t have to.

We refuse to be average and sometimes feel like no one understands our inability to settle.

You can't tell us the string is safer...we'll believe it when the wind shows us.

At the end of the day, Satan has two weapons against us: unbelief in ourselves and separation from God.

When we combine faith and confidence, there's no stopping us. Period.


We Believe...

God is love and Jesus is God, Lord and Savior.

Happiness is not exclusive. Every woman, in seeking God and using the right tools, can love who she is and the life she has.

A beautiful woman with no class is like a vase with no flowers.

You'll never find you while trying to become someone else.

Only the One who created us can tell us why we were created.

No experience disqualifies you from amazingness - the strongest people walk the hardest paths.

Encouragement with no practicals is like icing with no cake.

Love is both a noun and a verb.

Being inspired by each other instead of threatened is a choice, and true sisterhood is walking the journey together.

Our purpose is to love God and love People.

Who you are and who you show people should be the same person.

Empowerment is more than beauty advice and workout tips.

We're all meant to play a role in something bigger than ourselves.

The mark of a true Christian is Biblical love, and the greatest love for people is introducing them to Jesus.

We're all our own kind of beautiful.

There's freedom in authenticity and stability in purpose.

We believe in US.




Chantelle Anderson

Chantelle Anderson is a Vanderbilt Alum, former WNBA Player and basketball Hall-Of-Famer.

 Despite the awards, Chantelle is candid about her past struggles with insecurity and self-doubt. She now treats confidence as a skill that can be built and maintained just like physical fitness.

Now as a Confidence and Faith Coach, Chantelle teaches women to overcome the cost of insecurity, leverage faith and build confidence, and apply practical techniques to get out of their own way and live their God-given calling.


The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; it's effect will be quietness and confidence forever.

Isaiah 32:17

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