For the noble make noble plans and by noble deeds they stand.

- Isaiah 32:8

Design Your Happy Journal

A complete guide to building the life you want. For the Spiritual Creative with a zillion things in her head and time to do like,  5-ish...

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Did you know

You can finally pick a talent and use it to build a life you absolutely love?

Wait... So you're saying...

❌ I can say goodbye to the overwhelm of wondering which opportunities to pursue?

❌ I don't have to work a job I hate forever?

❌ I don’t have to forget about my talents to grow spiritually?

❌ I can finally stop beating myself up for not living up to my potential? 


✅ Goodbye overwhelm, hello clarity on using your gifts and talents to crush your goals

✅ You can design a path that will lead you to the freedom you want

✅ You can grow spiritually while still doing what you were made to do

✅ There's an easy way to stay focused and accountable


Meet the Design Your Happy Journal!

Your own personal strategist, faith coach, and accountability partner to make your dreams happen

See what women said after our live journal launch!


Dream with me for a sec...

What would happen if you CONSISTENTLY showed up for your dreams?

If you...

  • Planned that new business idea, side-hustle or creative project around what you were good at?
  • Ended your negative self-talk and lived in gratitude?
  • Held yourself accountable for your own self-care along the way?
I'll tell you what would happen...
  • You'd be people's go-to for inspiration and advice
  • You'd feel fulfilled every day, doing what you were made to
  • You'd stop burning out and feel refreshed instead.
  • And you'd FINALLY be able to grow your influence with purpose and profit!

You already have the ideas. You're already committed to doing the work. All you need is a plan and a system.

Ready to design your happy? 

BTW, nice to meet you!

I'm Chantelle! Founder of Confidently His and go-to coach for women who want to create lives they love, with God. 

I've done A LOT of different things in my life. But the one constant has been chasing my dreams.


  • Playing 6 years in the WNBA
  • Running a multi-million dollar sales territory for a medical device company
  • Jumping into full-time entrepreneurship 
  • Speaking at Google, United Health, ESPNW, and more... All within three years of starting my own business

Humbly speaking, I've learned a few things about making your goals happen...

And now I want to teach you ALL the secrets!


Hold on... Just making sure...

I can get clarity on my dreams, stay accountable, and get inspired every day, all with ONE JOURNAL?

*Looks you straight in the eye*

GIRL, yes! Let's go!

"I absolutely love the Life Design Plan. I'd been saying that I needed someone to help me engineer my vision and that's exactly what you did. I was able to quickly put all the pieces together in a way that truly expresses what my mission is. I was parked at point A and you took me right through B to C. I'm so much clearer now and really excited about moving forward with the new structure for my business. As I reach each goal and accomplish my dream, I will definitely never forget that you played a key role in helping it come to fruition. Thank you! "

- Christina
Founder, Real Estate For Ladies

Video testimonial by Holly Glasser, model, actress, and founder of MITH Magazine


Make 2020 Your Year...Still!

How? The Design Your Happy Journal is a plug-and-play formula to start or grow your business, side-hustle, or creative project.

We'll take care of the strategy, accountability, and inspiration.

You add the vision and the work.

And lets get ready to work hard, play hard all year!


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