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We help women build confidence, identity, and lives they love, with God.

Isaiah 32:17, John 10:10

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Confidently His Events are a series of [FREE] summits and workshops created to increase your faith, grow your confidence, and help you walk powerfully in your gifts. 


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The Mornings With God Podcast

Sharing relatable experiences from this life with God


BTW, I'm Chantelle!

"By the grace of God I am what I am..."

Quick testimony: For the first 32 years of my life I used the talents God gave me to hurt Him, myself, and others. But when what the world had to offer wasn't enough, I turned to the Bible and accidentally fell in love with the Author. Now my only goal is to use every ounce of who God made me to bring Him glory and help others do the same. 

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"God, what the heck?!"

"Attention-grabbing, hilarious, as edgy as a Christian can be..."

God, What The Heck?!  is an autobiographical devotional about love, struggle, loss, faith, and ultimately hope.

 It will help you believe God when it’s hard, run to Him when you don’t want to, and commit to Him when everything is saying it’s not worth it.

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The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

John 1:5







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Personal Bible Studies

We believe that no one should take their spiritual journey alone. So we've connected with faith partners who provide personal and small group Bible studies to help our tribe grow together with God at the center.


The "God is..." Study

41 Scriptures about God's identity so you can trust and love Him more than ever! 

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